Secţia Reanimare generală şi toracică (mesaj de mulțumire de la rudele pacientului britanic)



pacientul care a fost tratat în IMSP Spitalul Clinic Republican

(mesaj preluat de pe Facebook)

Ronnie: Our 27 day ordeal is finally over! Last night we finally got to welcome our Dad back home!

Yesterday morning Dad was finally released from the hospital and flew back to the UK with a medical escort. When Dad arrived at the hospital 4 weeks ago, they were fighting to keep him alive and we spent days not knowing whether he would pull through or not and then somehow against the odds Dad began to improve. In the weeks to follow he has made a miraculous recovery, which we put down to not only his incredible fighting spirit and the relentless efforts of the hospital but also to the massive amounts of support, prayer and positive thoughts that were being sent his way by you all.

We have only been able to get him home thanks to the incredible support we have received and the hundreds of generous donations! There is no way we could have done this alone financially or emotionally.

Last night Dad arrived back home in a private ambulance having managed the flight without the need for medical intervention and although he is weak and unable to walk for any length of time he is happy and well and breathing which is a massive improvement on the last few weeks.

Please, please know how incredibly grateful we are and how much hope you gave us at such a difficult time. We have been inspired to pass on this kindness and have all made a vow to seek out people in need and pay forward this generosity.

We want to say a massive thank you to every single person who made this possible for our family:

Every single person who donated, including those who contacted us to donate even after the page was closed! We wish we could list out every single one of your names but there just wouldn’t be a page long enough! Your individual contributions have culminated in us being able to release Dad from hospital and get him back home!

The treating doctor who saved Dad’s life, I don’t know your name but thank you! You are the most important thank you on this list. Thank you also to Corina for being our translator, giving us your personal number and keeping us updated twice daily for the duration of the ordeal! Alex Balan for being someone for Dad to talk to and for helping us to get the paperwork we needed. Ira for being so kind and caring and looking after our Dad, making sure he always had everything he needed.

Mihaela Ciorici at the Red Cross in Moldova for helping us to find our Dad when we were unable to locate him, putting us in direct contact with his doctor and for going out of your way to visit the hospital and check in on Dad for us. Without you Dad could well have not survived as the hospital were waiting to hear from us to approve life-saving treatment and had been unable to contact us.

Caroline Taylor at AXA for seeking us out personally after realising that we didn’t have insurance to help us out of the goodness of your heart. We are so grateful for your support, knowledge and advice, for recommending Harry Walseth as our medical repatriator and for generally going way above and beyond the call of duty with nothing to gain. We would have been lost without you and we owe you so much!

Harry Walseth and John Greenfield at Medical Repatriations. Thank you so much for physically going to get our dad and bringing him home safely. Your expertise and experience made for a seamless door to door service, which is exactly what Dad needed in his weak state. Harry thank you for answering our many, many questions and putting our minds at ease and John thank you for keeping Dad company, he loved his journey with you.

John and Geoff at Meditech Ambulance Service for offering your services, support and guidance. Although we didn’t end up using your services, your medical knowledge, guidance and advice proved invaluable. Thank you for your genuine interest in getting Dad home whether through your company or another.

Caroline Mogford for your incredible medical knowledge and for reassuring my sister and I when we were beside ourselves thinking that Dad might have brain damage. We would have been in pieces without you. Thank you also for constantly checking in and trying everything you could to find solutions for us. So much love to you.


Thank you so much to my friends, family and work colleagues for your support, donations and for sharing our cause. I was blown away the messages of support I received, even from people I didn't know! Thank you to John for supporting me whilst I haven't really been myself over the past few weeks.

Thank you also to my work for being so kind and supportive and allowing me the time off work when I needed it.


I would like to personally thank every single person who contacted me with messages of support and offers of help, your messages kept me positive and hopeful. Thank you to Josh for keeping everything in our lives going, putting up with weeks of me being attached to my phone or computer trying to resolve things, you are so very resilient. This whole ordeal has strengthened my love for you. Thank you to my siblings, aunties, uncles and cousins for all of their help. Thank you to every single friend who came forward and supported, your generosity and kindness has filled my heart to the brim. I have never felt luckier in all of my life for the amazing support network I have around me. Thank you to the girls who came out to my yoga classes when I could barely string a sentence together, you gave me strength.

At work I would like to thank my boss for being so understanding, supportive and flexible, understanding when I was in hysterical tears or running out of the room to make calls to the hospital or embassy. Liz for checking in on me daily and being so genuinely interested in getting Dad home, Cynthia for your care and coffee chats and Georgia for sharing our cause.

All of our love & gratitude,

Ronnie, Laura, Carly, Holly & Luke